Kids From NBB Members

NBB Moreira Family

We want to shout out to our littlest racers, kids from NBB members who race for USATF’s Youth League, who also had a championship race this past weekend in Las Vegas.

Steinman kids: we’ve seen Philip, Marie, and their fun kids once a year at the annual Sycamore picnic, and now two of them are old enough to race. Kevin and Emily are great kids that like to socialize and have fun.  Philip coached them and had them race this XC season, and this past weekend both qualified for Nationals in Reno NV! Good luck guys, we’ll be cheering for you.
Ethan Shearer, Maggie Shearer’s son, races for the Newbury Park Panthers team. Ethan is a very focused young man with a great running form and a lot of drive. He also raced this past weekend in Las Vegas while mom won the SoCal USATF Master’s title. Great job out there!
Luis and Azalea Moreira’s daughter, Liliana, races for the Valley Raiders team. We met her at Arcadia race and she was really enjoying the team spirit, running around joking with her friends, but when it came down to race she became very focused. She raced at Las Vegas this weekend along with the Steinman and Shearer kids and had a blast.